James Costlow #97


I am James Costlow #97.  I've loved racing since I was little.  My mom says my first word was "car".  At 4 years old I could tell you any drivers name and number in NASCAR and began dreaming of driving a racecar.  I started racing at 5 years old at Blue Mountain Speedway. In quarter midgets I raced many classes including red plate, novice, Jr. Honda, Jr. Animal, Sr. Honda, Sr. Animal, Lt 160, World Formula, and Wild Animal. After racing Quarter Midgets I raced slingshots for 3 years. Now I am racing a Stage One Modified by Smith Fabrications. I have raced both asphalt and dirt but I love racing on dirt!  It makes quite a mess, but its so fun.  I've raced tracks from Pennsylvania to Illinois.

As well as racing, I love snowboarding, and speedcubing. My personal bests in various puzzles are a 3x3 Rubik's cube in 13.66 seconds, a 2x2 in 3.14 seconds, a 4x4 in 45.962 seconds, one handed in 33.25 seconds, and a pyraminx in 5.58 seconds. I have also completed a Rubik's cube in 52 moves, a clock in 16.79 seconds, and a skewb in 6.45 seconds. This year I went to the Cubing Nationals.