Costlow Motorsports


James Costlow andThe Costlow Motorsports Team  are seeking partners to sponsor them in the

advancement of James' racing career.  James and his team are ready, willing and able to provide

your company or organization a platform to forward your brand awareness and positive exposure

during the 2020 racing season.

What is Sponsorship?

Just as with NASCAR and other forms of racing, sponsoring a dirt racing car for children provides financial assistance, products and/or services to the racing team to help the driver become more competitive and successful in the best, most updated and safe equipment.  In exchange, the racing team offers several benefits to the sponsors, including:

  • Your name and company logo on the car for all to see.
  • Marketing through motorsports sponsorship reaches a large group of people.
  • Sponsoring a dirt race car provides a unique opportunity to show that you and/or your company cares about the community and the people you serve.
  • It provides name and brand recognition not only in your home community, but across the nation at the national level of racing.  Exposure is far reaching and presents a great company image.
  • James is both fun-loving and outgoing and can help to build a positive advertising impression for sponsors with this "out of the box" opportunity to generate increased revenue through accessing market segments represented by the motorsports industry.  
  • It can help you create new partnerships with other sponsors.

Why Sponsor James?

James Costlow is a 15- year-old Sportsman Modified racer with a big future.  He is a kid who has loved racing since he could say the word "car"!  He was behind the wheel of a quarter midget at the age of 5 only because that's the minimum age!!  James has a strong reputation for being a consistent and  "clean driver".  He is a team player and has a great sportsmanship attitude.  James has many wins under his belt and too many trophies to display on one shelf!  With the backing of generous sponsors, James might find as much success as Jeff Gordon,  Matt Kenseth, or Stewart Friesen - professional racers who began their careers as kids on dirt.

What can sponsoring Costlow Motorsports do for you?

ExposureRacing draws attention from the most dedicated fans in sports.  And those fans frequent the businesses that back the sport.  James competes weekly at Hamlin Speedway.  As well, we plan on going anywhere the Sportsman Modified series goes.

BrandingIn exchange for your support, we would work to further your marketing plan within the world of dirt racing.  Being associated with James Costlow and The Costlow Motorsports Team would bring you credibility and value.  We can develop a custom plan to help your business grow.  We have some ideas, and would love to hear yours, too.  Opportunities include the display of your company information (name, logo, colors, etc.) on:

  • James' team trailer, which will travel hundreds of miles weekly to monthly in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and even as far as South Carolina!
  • James' team t-shirt.
  • James' team website, and Facebook page and other information published such as yearbooks, sponsorship campaigns, etc.
  • We would also include information about your sponsorship for the announcements made at the tracks.

EndorsementsJames is a fun-loving, outgoing boy who is also involved in snowboarding, is an active Boy Scout, peer tutor, and constantly takes part in school activities.  He speaks enthusiastically about racing and is very knowledgeable about the sport.  He would make a great spokesperson for his sponsors.  He would be able to make public appearances with his race car, a particularly effective tool at businesses that have many children as customers.  He also has a growing fan base and would be able to spread the word about the groups and businesses that support him through regular weekly Facebook and Instagram posts and email alerts with updates to them.

WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR TEAM -Contact us today to put together a sponsorship package that works best for you.  Phone John or James Costlow, at 484-350-1845, or 484-350-1696.


James and his team welcome your sponsorship in the form of monetary support or in-kind services.  Any assistance you can provide can make a big difference.  Consider the following packages, or please feel free to suggest a plan that would work for you ad your company.

  • Entry Fee Sponsor: Each week we race Saturday night and sometimes on Wednesday night. The cost to enter a race is approximately $120.  Consider sponsoring James for 4 or more races or perhaps per month or per year.
  • Tire Sponsor :  James is expected to race at least 20 regular races this season in his sportsman modified.  He is expected to go through multiple sets of tires. A of tire with a rim costs about $450.
  • External Parts Sponsor: No race is complete without bending or breaking an external part.  Consider a sponsorship to keep James well stocked in spare external parts. External parts are parts that protect the internals of the car and maintain the basic functions of the car. External parts include panels, the frame, axles, radius rods, bumpers, etc.
  • Internal Parts SponsorInternal parts do not need repair as often as external parts, but when they do they can be a little bit more costly. External parts keep the car running fast and smooth. These can include: The carburetor, the fuel pump, the chain, gears, shocks, etc.
  • Services Sponsor:Another way you can help is by helping pay for services on the car. Sometimes John and James cannot fix the damages done to the car, and it has to be sent to a shop. It would be extremely helpful if you could provide monetary compensation for these services.

  • In-Kind Services Sponsor:Perhaps your company cannot afford a monetary sponsorship but would still like to help..  We would gladly consider any level of support such as, T-shirts or caps with your company logo that we can wear at races, gift certificates, or overstock supplies and/or services - it's all greatly appreciated!

We Look Forward To Hearing From You -Contact us today with any questions you might have, or to set up a sponsorship package that works for you.  Call us at 484-350-1845 OR email us at OR if you would rather send us a one-time donation of any amount, you may send it to James Costlow, PO Box 1624, Albrightsville, PA 18210